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Unscented Pheromones for Men

When it comes to attracting people, whether romantically or otherwise, pheromones are definitely the way to go. But what if all those scented products don’t feel like the right fit? Or maybe you’d prefer to choose your deodorant, cologne, or aftershave scent separately from your lady-attractant pheromone product.

Here’s the deal: unscented pheromones are a thing, and they’re an excellent option for guys who want to experience the benefits of pheromones without a scent they might not love. Let’s discuss pheromone ingredients, the types of smells and effects they produce, and whether you can get a truly unscented pheromone product.

What Are Pheromones? 

So, what are pheromones? These chemical substances are made and emitted by various organisms through sweat or oil glands. Pheromones are secreted into the environment and tend to influence the physiology or behavior among a species. Pheromones are powerful unconscious signals used by insects and mammals.

Pheromones can have immediate effects, slower effects, or signalers. Pheromones can signal another being’s status, warn of primal aggregation, communicate sexual compatibility, or claim territory. Since humans are technically animals, you can see how using pheromones is beneficial for guys who want to attract the ladies.

Personally, I love my scented pheromone products because they do double-duty. I smell like a fresh and clean dude, but I also have the benefit of the pheromones to help me out with more than just smelling good. But if you’re not a fan of my favorite pheromone colognes because of their strong scent or maybe because of allergies, you have options.

Should You Use Unscented Pheromones?

For that reason, you should experience the same benefits with a scented or unscented pheromone blend. However, it’s worth noting that unscented pheromones can still have an odor (more on that in a minute). Plus, a lot of pheromone products take advantage of not just biological urges in women, but also appeal to their senses in other ways.

How Scent Affects People

If you’ve ever smelled a pizza and started salivating, you know exactly what I mean. If your pheromone cologne has a strong scent that women like, whether it’s something musky or citrusy or floral, you get pheromone perks plus ladies will just like your smell.

So then, what’s the point of unscented pheromones? That’s the thing — it’s personal. Maybe you already have a favorite scent that you wear around a girl you like. Or maybe a special someone has allergies to a lot of fragrances (that’s a thing).

Plus, if you want to impress someone at work or school, strong scents may be annoying or sneeze-inducing. They might even be banned on school campuses and in office buildings.

The short answer is that there are tons of reasons to choose unscented pheromones to help you attract the ladies. But what exactly does unscented mean?

What Unscented Means

I keep saying “unscented,” but what I really mean is nothing is added to the pheromone’s natural scent. Obviously, an unscented pheromone product will vary based on what ingredients it has. But the idea is that you might be able to smell the components.

Let’s dive deeper and I’ll explain what unscented versus scented pheromones are, plus whether “no smell” pheromones are a good idea.

Unscented vs. Scented Pheromones

The basic matchup comes down to unscented versus scented pheromones. With unscented products, you can smell the chemicals that make up the product. Sometimes they’re a bit off-putting, but this is another personal thing that’s hard to explain.

Plus, there are mildly scented chemicals, and then super stinky ones that you want to really apply lightly. Then, you might even try to cover up the smell with your standard cologne or aftershave.

With scented pheromones, all that odor is still there. It just has a layer of pleasantly-scented stuff over the top. You can tell which ones I prefer, but the truth is that you may be able to achieve the same effect with an unscented product plus your regular fragrance.

No Smell Pheromones

In another class entirely, we have no-smell pheromones. Pheromones with no smell use specific chemicals that either don’t smell at all or are so mild that you can’t smell them either way. These are technically “unscented,” but the manufacturers take special care to ensure they’re as odorless as possible. You can be the judge of whether they succeed or not!

Can Women Smell Pheromones?

So the idea is that by using pheromones, you’re going to make women be attracted to you based on biology and not their noses. The thing is, even unscented pheromones can have their own smell, and some people can detect them through their nose and not just their hormone response.

You can’t really predict who will be able to smell the pheromones, though. But this is a reason why many guys choose scented products — because you don’t know who will pick up on your secret, so you want to try and mask it.

How to Pick the Best Pheromone for You

Picking the right pheromone comes down to knowing your target audience and then factoring in your preferences, too. Let’s take a look at how to choose whether you should choose unscented styles and how to choose the best unscented pheromones for men.

Take a Look at the Ingredients

Ingredients can have a big impact on how your product smells, whether it’s scented or not.

When it comes to pheromone products, here are some of the typical ingredients used in the mixes and formulas:

  • Epi-androsterone: gives off messages of energy and youthfulness.
  • Androstenone: represents masculinity and dominance.
  • Androstadienone: this ingredient is known to cause arousal within women.
  • Androsterone: helps projects a man as protective, charming, reliable, and capable of transforming the mood of a woman.
  • Oxytocin: deliver physical and emotional closeness through cuddling and bonding.
  • Alpha-androstanol: tends to make women comfortable and attracted to men when in proximity.
  • Beta-androstenol: makes women more attracted to men.
  • Androstenone: elevates women’s attractiveness and helps men assert dominance and confidence as the alpha male.

Keep in mind that there are no guarantees with pheromones, unscented or otherwise, so some trial and error might be needed. You might like or dislike the scent (and so might your potential partner) of an “unscented” product, and not every ingredient list offers up a winning combination.

My advice is to try a few different blends and see what results you get. Tons of guys wonder whether unscented pheromones for men actually work to get girls, but the best test is a real-life one. You don’t know until you try!

Choose Your Style

An unscented pheromone spray might be handy if you want to spritz it on like cologne. But roll-on style pheromones let you be a bit more discreet, especially if you need to apply (or re-apply) while on a date or somewhere else conspicuous. Tons of pheromone products come in roll-on or spray form, and the same is true of both scented and odor-free pheromones.

Try a couple of options (same as trying different blends) to see what you like and what works with your lifestyle.

Using Unscented Pheromones

To achieve optimal results with your pheromones, I have some best practices to recommend. Some manufacturers lay these things out, while other tips are what I’ve learned from using my favorite blends and products.

First, start with the recommended amount/application of pheromones. You can boost your usage for enhanced results, but start out mild and see how it goes. Make sure to rub the pheromones on your pulse and heat points. This helps it diffuse more easily and also ensures that you’re hitting all the possible points where a woman might smell or sense you.

Reapply if you exercise or otherwise sweat a bunch, because pheromones do wear off. And finally, combine your scents carefully. Have a female non-love-interest give you her take if you’re trying an unscented product or you’re layering your regular cologne over such a blend.

Final Wrap Up

Finding the best unscented pheromones can be a challenge. But whether you want to build instant chemistry, elevate your confidence, or attract more women, there is a product for you. Now that you know how to choose the best unscented pheromones for men, and what to consider while you shop, you can start using the solution that fits your needs and style!

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