Cologne Oils vs Spray – What’s the Best Way to Apply Pheromones?

Cologne Oils Vs Spray – What’s The Best Way To Apply Pheromones?

In the world of fragrances, there’s always been a debate about what is the better product, with an answer never seeming to be reached.

Among some of the top contenders are fragrance oils, cologne sprays, eau du toilettes, and eau du parfums, with each person having their personal favorite.

When it comes to pheromones, the debate is about more than just how we enjoy the scent on ourselves, because the purpose of these unique colognes is to have an effect on others as well.

The two top sellers are cologne oils vs spray, and that’s what most pheromone manufacturers focus their range on.

So, what’s better, pheromone cologne oils or sprays?

Either option has its pros and cons, with pheromone cologne giving a more instant reaction but oils lasting longer with less potency. These two major benefits aside, there’s a lot to weigh up, and it comes down to a matter of personal preference that only you can decide.

Before you jump in and purchase your first pheromone cologne, you’ll want to know which avenue to take.

That’s why we’ve compiled a helpful comparison of oils vs sprays to see where they excel, and where they fail, so you’ll know the perfect one to choose that’ll help you boost your allure.

What is Cologne Oil?

What is Cologne Oil?

Cologne oil is a concentrated blend of things like aromas and pheromones mixed with a carrier oil that makes it easier to apply to the skin.

A pheromone cologne oil is an undiluted version of the product and it reacts with your body temperature to help deliver a longer lasting but more subtle version of the smell.

These products can be expensive, but they also offer some benefits that sprays do not. Check out all of the pros and cons of pheromone cologne oil to see if it should be on your shopping list.


Cleaner scent

Oils are concentrated versions which mean they’re cleaner, giving you a product that’s purer than a spray. Some people find that these oils end up smelling better as well because there aren’t as many additives.

Longer lasting

Cologne oil is designed to last between six to 15 hours without needing to be applied, so you can put it on once and enjoy it for the whole day.

Longer shelf life

Cologne oils of all varieties, not just pheromone products, have a longer shelf life than sprays. This is because they don’t contain alcohol which can evaporate the other ingredients.

Larger concentration of pheromones

Compared to sprays, you’ll usually find a larger concentration of pheromones in oil, which means you’re applying more of them directly to your skin for better results.



A cologne oil usually costs double what a perfume spray costs, and it’s a huge gamble to take if you’ve never tried that brand of pheromones before.

Can feel oily

Because it’s a concentrated formula made with oils, some people dislike the feeling of it on their skin and find that it gets greasy.

What is Cologne Spray?

What is Cologne Spray?

Cologne spray features aromas and pheromones, but they have usually been diluted down and have other ingredients added to them, like alcohol.

This helps to make the key ingredients last longer and allows them to stick to the body, but it can be drying for some people’s skin.

Many people opt for cologne spray because it’s cheaper and gives a better hit of pheromones right off the bat, but it’s not for everyone. We’ve weighed up the good and the bad of cologne spray to see how it compares to oil, so you’ll know which is right for you.


More affordable

A good quality pheromone cologne spray costs half of what an oil does, and it makes it more accessible to people of all budgets.

Instant results

Unlike a cologne oil that can take time to develop, spraying pheromones on your skin in this way means the results are picked up easier by those around you.

Better projection distance

If you choose a cologne spray with alcohol in it, this helps to carry the pheromones further. Therefore, sprays have a better projection distance than oils and can reach more women around you.

Smells better

Because of the alcohol inside, it can make the fragrance pop, so if you’re choosing a pheromone spray with an added scent, this is helpful.


Can be harsh

The additives in many cologne sprays are harsh on the skin and people have reported various irritations and a dried out feeling. If you do choose a cologne spray, find one without these synthetic ingredients for better results.

Doesn’t last as long

A good cologne spray will only last a few hours, and this is true for pheromone products and other fragrances. If you don’t want to apply it regularly, oil is better.

The Best Way to Apply Pheromones

The Best Way to Apply Pheromones

Regardless of the type of cologne, you should have some pointers about the best way to apply them so they get the results you’re after. Both cologne oil and spray should be dabbed gently on the pulse points of the body which include the wrists, neck, or behind the ears.

As cologne oil is a more concentrated blend, just one or two drops is enough. For a cologne spray, you’ll need a little more of the product, but keep it below three sprays otherwise, it could be overpowering.

It’s believed that these pheromones products work best when you’re within six feet of the person you’re trying to attract, as this is where our sense of smell is most finely tuned.

When effective, it should only take a few seconds for them to notice, so you can tell almost instantly if they’ve been as successful as you’d hoped.

Cologne Oils vs Spray: The Decider

Cologne Oils vs Spray: The Decider

When weighing up the cologne oil vs spray debate, it seems there’s no clear winner. Each offers something unique that might appeal to certain users more than others, so it’s about choosing the one that’s going to match your needs more precisely.

Cologne oils are better suited to those who want a slow burn as they go on in the morning and last longer, but without the sudden impact that sprays can have.

Some brands promise up to 36 hours of pheromones with their oils, although not all of them can match that claim. If you’d prefer to dab a drop or two on in the morning and get all-day coverage, this is the one for you.

However, you might prefer a cologne spray if you want an instant hit, and don’t mind reapplying it throughout the day or night before it’s required.

On average, they last up to six hours, but some of the cheaper brands may be less. These sprays are usually the more affordable options but they need more for the same effect, so the cost usually ends up evening out.

For the best results, you can choose a pheromone cologne brand that offers oil and a spray, sometimes even in a set.

This is the cheaper way to buy pheromones that gives you the option depending on where your day or evening is taking you. From there, you’ll have a good understanding of what your preferred technique of applying pheromone cologne is.

Related Questions

Pheromone colognes are just one way that we can boost our allure to the opposite sex, and with new research always showing us new things, it seems this is just the beginning.

If you’re interested in learning more about pheromones and their role in sexual attraction, read on to see some commonly asked questions about how it all works.

Can You Smell Someones Pheromones?

Pheromones are detected differently by the rest of the animal kingdom compared to humans, who detect them with their olfactory system.

Pheromones are believed to be present in all of our bodily secretions but most predominantly through axillary sweat, which is what most of the pheromone colognes are based on.

Do Pheromones Attract Men?

Although the market for pheromone colognes seems geared at men trying to attract women, some products have the reverse effect.

You can purchase pheromone perfumes with specific ingredients that cause sexual attraction in males so women can get a helping hand from these fragrances as well.

Do Pheromones Have a Scent?

Although pheromones are secreted through several bodily functions, like sweat and saliva, as a standalone chemical they do not have an obvious scent.

This is why most pheromone colognes have a minimal smell themselves and can often be used alongside other perfumes and fragrances.

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