What Is Sexual Attraction?

What Is Sexual Attraction?

There’s nothing quite as powerful as the feeling of sexual attraction, and once you’ve had it, it can be hard to forget.

You might feel it as butterflies in your stomach or a sudden urge internally to grab someone and kiss them, but whatever it is to you, you’ll know it when it happens.

If you’re single or looking to earn some attention from a potential partner, learning everything you can about sexual attraction can be helpful.

There’s a lot to know like the different types of attractions that humans experience, what causes them, and what happens to our bodies when we sense these things.

What is sexual attraction specifically, though?

Sexual attraction is when someone has feelings of desire for another person that makes them want to engage in sexual activity with them. These feelings are usually instant and intense and don’t necessarily mean there are any other thoughts or emotions involved, and they can disappear as quickly as they came on.

When you’re trying to land a mate or just get better in the dating world, understanding how to achieve and harness this type of attraction can be invaluable.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a quick guide on sexual attraction and what it means within the human body, giving you a crash course on how it all works.

What Are the Five Types of Attraction?

When you’re in the midst of lusting after someone, it can be hard to remember that there are other types of attraction at play.

Although sexual attraction might seem like the most obvious, it’s not the only thing that your bodies are picking up on, and it’s important to learn about all of them.

Sexual attraction

This is the most intense form of attraction and one that occurs when you look at someone and feel as if you want to engage in some type of sexual activity with them.

Sexual attraction can be felt towards complete strangers or our long-term partners, and it’s an instant feeling that can fade away quickly as well.

Physical attraction

Although this sounds similar to sexual attraction, it’s more about the desire to be physical with someone, but not in a sexual way.

You might feel physical attraction towards your partner or a family member and want to hug them or feel the urge to physically comfort someone who feels upset, even if you don’t know them.

Romantic attraction

A romantic attraction is when you view someone as a potential romantic partner, usually with long term goals of being their partner, rather than just engaging in sexual activity with them.

A romantic attraction doesn’t have to contain any feelings of sexual attraction, and this is common for asexual people who still want a partner.

Aesthetic attraction

An aesthetic attraction is also an instant attraction, but it’s not necessarily to do with sex.

You might see a celebrity who looks good or spot someone walking down the street dressed nicely and feel attracted to their appearance. You don’t have to feel anything sexual toward them for this type of attraction to occur.

Emotional attraction

An emotional attraction is about being emotionally open with other people, and this includes friends, family, partners, and even sometimes strangers.

This feeling of wanting to be understood and hearing about the feelings of others is common for humans and has nothing to do with sexual attraction.

What Causes Sexual Attraction?

What Causes Sexual Attraction?

Sexual attraction relates to sexual desire, and it doesn’t always have to be in response to a physical trait.

You might feel these feelings towards someone because of their voice, the way they smell, their body movements, or an unknown factor, as many things trigger this part of the brain to tell us what’s going on.

Each person has their own perception of what is attractive, and this differs for males and females as well. The feeling of sexual attraction is usually fast and comes on quickly, and it can fade with the same intensity.

You might feel attracted to someone one day, and then nothing the next, and the object of your desire can differ quite dramatically as well.

According to science, when we do see someone we find sexually attractive, certain parts of our brain light up, and levels of hormones like testosterone rise in the body.

These parts of the brain release neurotransmitters that sent various chemicals to help them communicate, including feel good chemicals and adrenaline, which are made obvious with how we feel.

As the person feeling attracted to someone else, this is usually presented to us with a range of feelings.

We’ll have thoughts about them that are sometimes intrusive, may feel our heart beating faster, or the sensation of butterflies in our stomach. It’s then up to us to decide how to act on them, which we will usually determine based on experiences in our past.

The Role of Pheromones in Sexual Attraction

The Role of Pheromones in Sexual Attraction

Pheromones have been a major talking point when it comes to sexual attraction, but not as much is known about their role in the human body as it for the rest of the animal kingdom.

Animals, plants, and bacteria are all capable of producing pheromones, and they trigger different reactions in those that smell them coming from us.

These reactions aren’t all sexual, as they can be to ward off predators or indicate that a specific place belongs to another animal.

However, their role as sexual initiators are evident, even if we’re only in the early stages of learning about how they work with humans, and the scent of a pheromone is known to create a feeling of sexual desire from others.

Studies have shown that pheromones are detected predominantly in human sweat, and when smelled by others, they can elicit certain feelings.

This is why there’s been a huge boom for pheromone laced colognes and perfumes, as a way to increase sexual attraction from others with the simple dabbing of a scent.

The Importance of Attraction in Relationships

The Importance of Attraction in Relationships

Regardless of how you get this sexual attraction, whether it’s from your own charm and good looks or with the help of pheromone cologne, it’s an important basis for romantic relationships.

Most people find that the first thing that drew them to their partner was a sexual attraction, and then over time they discovered that they were emotionally and romantically appealing as well.

Without sexual attraction in a relationship, it’s likely that the amount of affection and intimacy you experience might also suffer. This is true whether it’s a new relationship or a marriage that has lasted 20 years, so it’s important to do what you can to keep the spark alive, within reason.

A commitment from both partners in a relationship is needed to ensure that this sexual attraction remains, without it being forced.

There are lots of ways you can naturally enhance your desirability, whether from taking on a healthier lifestyle or using pheromones, but most importantly is communication with your partner about what works for you both specifically.

Understanding Your Own Sex Appeal

Understanding Your Own Sex Appeal

Even if we’re feeling low in confidence and it seems like we can never land a date, there’s never any reason to give up hope.

Building your sexual appeal so that others find you attractive is possible, whether you want to develop a new workout routine or try a pheromone cologne to help things along.

As human beings, it’s natural to have sexual attraction towards others, as just as natural to want others to feel this way towards us as well.

With some knowledge on how the human body develops these feelings, you can make better sense of them, and start to understand your own sex appeal in the process.

Related Questions

Understanding how humans relate to each other and what sexual attraction really is can make it easier for you when looking for your own intimate experience.

We’ve answered some commonly asked questions about attraction that can help give you a push in the right direction if you want to learn more.

How Can I Make Myself More Attractive?

If you’re hoping to boost your sex appeal, there are some scientifically proven ways you can make yourself more attractive.

Smiling more, hanging out in groups of people, developing a great sense of humor, and having good hygiene are a few things you can do that will improve your appeal to others.

How Do I Make My Pheromones Stronger?

To increase your natural pheromone production so you can land a mate, you can try some things that will help.

Increasing your exercise, eating healthy foods with lots of zinc content, and getting adequate sleep each night can boost the right hormones in your body and make you more attractive.

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