How to Release Pheromones Naturally

How To Release Pheromones Naturally
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When it comes to the human body, hormones have a lot to answer for; they help to regulate development in early and teenage life, our metabolic rates, behaviour and mood.

Hormones typically act internally and are the chemical messengers that move through the blood stream telling different parts of the body how to react to outside factors, such as arousal, threats and warnings.

Our bodies naturally release pheromones all of the time, however, people frequently want to know how to increase the level of natural pheromone production and that is what we will look at here.

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What Are Pheromones?

Not all hormones act internally though. Pheromones are a type of ecto-hormone that are secreted externally, meaning they are transported outside of the body which allows them to influence how others react to you.

Why is this a good thing? Well, this chemical release is said to trigger emotions and stimulate hormones in other people within close proximity, naturally impacting on their feelings of attraction and lust toward you, leaving them wanting to get even closer.

In the animal kingdom, pheromones also act as a defence system against other animal threats and as a territorial marker to ward off creatures of the same species.

But studies into how pheromones act in humans suggest that they are more of a participant in sexual desire than of a negative or threatening nature, which is why there is currently so much interest in looking how to increase and release your own.

It is this desire of attraction from a potential mate that has people talking about pheromones and how the knowledge about them can be harnessed in a healthy way so it can help people with less confidence in attracting others.

This makes studying pheromones and how to release them quite an exciting journey, so at this point it is important you know what the options are for releasing the chemicals naturally or whether to use pheromone boosting scents to get the best results.

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7 Things You Can Do to Boost Pheromones Naturally

What Are Pheromones?

Let’s think about how pheromones are released to begin with and where they come from. This type of hormone is released externally so it has to go somewhere. Usually released through sweat glands, that even the cleanest of bodies excrete daily, the scent of the pheromone itself goes unnoticed, but nevertheless is emitted and projected away from the body toward other people’s olfactory system (your sense of smell). It also appears that most bodily functions have a way of secreting these hormones, which makes their role in arousal even more interesting.

In terms of sweat and bodily secretion, some research says that finding the balance in this odourless release of the pheromone is what plays a big part in attracting other bodies to our own, but just how much do you have to do to find that balance naturally? You could be looking at doing various types of exercise, eating different foods, or even managing factors in your own mood and how your internal hormones help you project your attraction toward others. So, let’s see what you can do to naturally achieve an increased pheromone release and become irresistible to those around you.

Keep Scents as Natural as Possible

How Are Pheromones Released?

While perfumes and aftershaves can have great scents in themselves, they also act as a blocker or a mask to our natural smells. While this might be the point, it can be over-powering leaving you unable to let your natural aromas shine through. There are so many chemicals in bottled scents that act against the body’s natural scent, but it is understandable why most people choose to go down this route when they aren’t aware of how their pheromones may play a part in attraction.

When we go out and buy a bottled fragrance, it is usually because we are familiar with and love the smell of it, but that doesn’t always mean others will, especially when it has been overloaded onto the body. Try cutting back on heavy scents, even when it is tempting to avoid natural body aromas and let your pheromones do their job in attracting other people.

Avoid Harsh Soaps and Cleansers

Where Are They Released on the Body?

When you know that fragrances can overpower our natural scent, it only makes sense that heavily fragranced soaps can rid the body of its natural scent too. The problem is it is in our nature to cleanse our bodies and rid ourselves of any smells that may be resting on our skin, but the human body produces oils naturally that are good for the skin and scrubbing them away can be detrimental.

When you get rid of all the natural goodness from the skin you also inadvertently clear away your natural aromas that can increase your attraction power. It should be easy enough to avoid harsh soaps and cleansers, sticking to non-scented soap instead of ones with heavy fragrances that can dry out the skin, but it may be harder to consciously think about how much you are cleansing, especially if you are concerned about bodily smells. Showering every day is important, but in the interests of boosting your power of attraction, try not to overdo it and kill off your pheromone release.

Quality Sleep For Optimal Pheromone Production

Quality Sleep for Pheromone Production

The body just can’t function properly when it lacks in important sleep. Feeling tired and groggy doesn’t just have an effect on your work life, but your personal (and sex) life too. On your quest to find the perfect way to increase your body’s natural pheromone release, by cutting out on sleep you can actually lose your libido and negatively affect the hormones associated with arousal and attraction.

Mentally, loss of sleep can weigh quite heavy on the mind and make you not want to surround yourself with people, lose your lust for life and put your ideas of attraction to the back burner. Physically, not sleeping enough can take a real toll on the body, and hormones associated with metabolism and energy release end up all over the place. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation in men has significantly lowered their testosterone levels which although accounts for loss of libido, can also affect reproductive abilities.

Getting enough sleep is so important for maintaining hormonal balance including pheromones, but it isn’t proven to increase pheromone production, and while we all wish we could get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night, with a lot of lifestyles this isn’t always possible. Increasing your attraction qualities through higher pheromone release can often take more drastic lifestyle changes.

Change up your Exercise Routine – Top Exercises to Release Pheromones

Top Exercises to Release Pheromones

This one may be more difficult for some to do as it can be a huge change in terms of fitness, but it could pay off in giving you the right pheromonal release at the right time. Everyone who already regularly exercises loves to feel the burn during a good workout and the achievement in pushing themselves to new physical heights while maintaining a healthy body and looking great. Exercising gives you a huge release of endorphins and adrenaline, reducing your stress levels and elevating your mood, so it’s a no-brainer that the release of hormones is going to have a positive effect on your wellbeing. What can be off-putting with exercise is so much sweat can be involved with such a heavy workout as it means extra showering, clothes washing and cooling down time.

But sneaking through those sweat glands are your naturally produced pheromones that have a positive effect on your attraction ability. It might prove more difficult to not shower after a good work out, but it is definitely an option for increasing your naturally produced pheromones.

The Relationship Between Food & Pheromones – Change your Diet

The Relationship Between Food and Pheromones

Healthy living is such an attractive quality in itself without the boost in pheromones, but it can’t hurt to try out some new, nutritious food types in the quest for natural pheromonal increases. It makes perfect sense to keep an eye on your diet to maintain a healthy body and ensure you are as alluring possible

After a hard day at work, the easy option is to go out for food or to order something in, and yes, even though this can be tastier than eating vegetables day after day, the quest for increased pheromone release has a lot at stake so it is worth changing things up, especially if you tend to take the easier route regularly.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body doesn’t have to be boring, but it does involve some dedication to the cause, keeping on top of what you put into your body so you can get the best out of it and to see if it helps you toward irresistibility!

Celery is a well-known source of nutrition and is famed for having a negative calorie effect on the body as it burns more from eating it than it actually contains. So, this is a no brainer as far as a good diet is concerned, but does it actually have pheromone producing ability? Studies say that when you chew your stick of celery, you release androstanol odour molecules through your nose and mouth which boosts your pheromone distribution and send off signals that can make you more desirable. This is really interesting, however you’re going to need more than a few sticks of celery to keep the necessary nutrients getting into the body.

So, parsnips are apparently also a big booster in the pheromone department, known to give men and women a natural boost in hormones, it helps improve levels of testosterone and in metabolising oestrogen, which can lift libido levels significantly.

Oysters have always had a good reputation when it comes to arousal, so it makes sense that they would be on this list as they are supposedly good at helping to produce pheromones. They have a high zinc content and directly boost testosterone and are said to massively increase your sex drive.

While these foods sound great as a one off, it doesn’t make for the most interesting meal, and as each person varies in how much pheromone they can produce from eating different food, you could be waiting a while before you see some results. Prepare to do some experimenting until you find what works best for you.

What to Avoid

So, there are the main 5 things you can do to help boost your own pheromone production and somethings are definitely easier than others to do and incorporate into your lifestyle. But what should you not do?

Even though it may seem like a contradiction, showering regularly is definitely important. Just because your body’s natural scent includes a release of your pheromones, it doesn’t mean that washing should be skipped completely. You want to attract other people, not put them off for life, so avoid relying on your body’s natural odour entirely and hop in that shower!

Fizzy drinks are known to reduce your serotonin levels and that includes diet fizzy drinks too. Sweeteners and artificial sweeteners play havoc on your body’s natural rhythm, affecting wellbeing and happiness which in turn is associated with lower libido.

And the one you probably wouldn’t think to avoid especially when it can give you so much confidence in talking to potential partners, is alcohol. Yes, I’m sorry to burst that bubble but as a known depressant, alcohol may help you to lose your inhibitions for a short while, but any bursts of high sex drives and libido will be short lived when you drink beyond your limit. By avoiding alcohol and making a few lifestyle changes that increase serotonin levels and testosterone through exercise, you’ll find your attraction power increases almost immediately.

Do Pheromone Perfumes Actually Work?

Other Ways to Boost Pheromones

If the above 7 steps seem like a lot of work you might now be looking for a shortcut, did you know you can actually buy pheomone perfumes that have been designed to mimic natural pheromones? If changing everything in your life from how you work out and your diet to your sleep patterns seems like a big ask why not explore some perfume cheat codes!

Pheromone perfumes have been around for a few decades now and after many studies are now being formulated widely with a range of different scents to suit each consumer, both male and female.

Have you ever found yourself walking past someone in the street and being instantly drawn to them from their scent alone? The chances are the activated molecules triggered something in your olfactory system sending a reaction to your brain signalling some kind of attraction.

This is how pheromone perfumes work and it can be as easy as one or two sprays before you head on a night out and exuding your attraction.

Now, this may not be a love potion, and by no means requires you to spray a whole bottle on yourself to get the best out of it, but a reputable branded pheromone perfume will put you ahead of the game when it comes to arousing interest from others.

There is no question that scents and aromas play a massive part in attraction, and as much as a diet of celery and parsnips may help your natural pheromone release, it may just be that bit easier to check out a specifically targeted pheromone oil mixed with a little of your own confidence to realise its true power!

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