Power of Smells – How to Attract Women Without Talking

Power Of Smells – How To Attract Women Without Talking

The common saying goes ‘you are what you eat’, but what about ‘you are how you smell?’

Over the years, numerous studies have been done on how humans communicate various things through scent, whether it’s their fertility status or emotions, and it’s been shown to have a good effect on our success in attracting a mate as well.

How do smells help us attract women?

There are many messages communicated through our scent, whether it’s our emotions, hygiene, status, or fertility health, and this occurs all through the animal kingdom. Learning how to attract women without talking comes down to how you smell, and it’s a valuable tool to have.

If you’ve always wondered what messages you’re giving off, you can probably figure it out by your scent. We’re going to discover the role that aromas have in attracting women, and how you improve your chances by smelling better.

Subliminal Messages Passed By Smell

Subliminal Messages Passed By Smell

The way a person smells says a lot about them, whether you’re consciously aware of these smells or they’re working at a deeper subconscious level.

These are a few ways that humans communicate through their smells, which can be especially important when you’re trying to attract women.


It’s obvious when someone has poor hygiene, whether they have bad breath from not brushing their teeth or strong body odor that suggests they don’t bathe regularly, both of which are a turn-off.


It’s been proven that men can tell when a woman is fertile just by her scent, and it doesn’t matter if she is wearing perfume or not.

These hormones can be secreted through bodily fluids like vaginal discharge and sweat, which can be picked up and make women seem more alluring.


Studies have proven that humans are capable of picking up on other people’s emotions based purely on how they smell, thanks to sweat.

If you’re feeling happy and approachable, this will likely be portrayed, but if you’re angry or sad while you’re out on the prowl, it’s going to be obvious to women.


People equate certain smells with a higher status, including nice smelling perfumes and scents that indicate good basic hygiene.

Sexual attraction

Pheromones are one way that the body delivers a message to those around them that they are sexually attractive, even if they have no obvious smell.

For this reason, pheromone colognes have been a booming business, as they claim to work on a subconscious level to snag you a mate.

Can the Right Scent Boost My Confidence?

Can the Right Scent Boost My Confidence?

The power of smells works just as well for yourself as it does for others, which is why the fragrance industry has never faltered.

A properly chosen cologne or perfume can do wonders for your confidence, and give you a boost before going out on a date or mingling with the opposite sex.

There are a handful of scents that have been proven to boost self-confidence, which is why you find many of them in popular colognes. Look for colognes with vanilla, citrus, sandalwood, and bergamot in them, as these can have a great effect on how you feel.

Some pheromone oils and perfumes aren’t just designed at making others feel good about you, but also have a self-effect feature.

Studies have shown that men’s self-esteem can be boosted by smelling women’s pheromones, so it’s common to find these chemicals in pheromone products, giving you a positive effect just as it does to women.

Use the Power of Smell to Your Advantage

Use the Power of Smell to Your Advantage

Rather than going out and attempting to talk to women without any backup, why not take what the findings of countless scientists and researchers have learned before you alone as well.

With a clever choice of cologne and some added pheromones, you’ll boost your chances on a night out and even give your own self esteem a boost as well.

We can use the power of smell to our advantage without having to try any harder, and it’s the easiest way to make ourselves more appealing. With good hygiene, a healthy body, and the perfect choice in cologne, you’ll be sending all of the right messages to women that’ll increase your chances.

Related Questions

The power of smell is something that scientists have been fascinated by for years, and it’s the basis of how so many perfumes and colognes are designed.

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about what our sense of smell is so powerful, read on to see the answers to some commonly asked questions that can help you.

Can You Attract Someone With Just Smell?

The power of smell is real, and studies have proven it time and time again when it comes to attraction.

Women are reported to find body odor more important than overall looks, which indicates further how we rely on things other than visual appearances when trying to find a possible partner.

What is a Chemosignal?

The term chemosignal refers to a chemical signal that our bodies give off through our sweat, and they can be picked up by other humans to understand how we are feeling.

Various studies have found that humans can read the emotions of others just by smelling them, which indicates why our smell can be so powerful in the role of attraction.

Are Pheromones Hormones?

Pheromones are considered more of a chemical instead of a hormone as they occur on the outside of the body rather than inside as other hormones do.

These chemicals have an impact on the behavior of those around us that receive them, for all members of the animal kingdom, and can send messages about things like sex, emotions, and territory.

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